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I t was hard to say "rain, rain, go away” after having six weeks of drought and record setting temps, but it would have been nice if it could have waited just one more day. Our July 29th car show was "blessed” with all morning rain. Sadly, it was only enough to ruin the show. The rain stopped before noon and two hours later, the ground already looked like it hadn’t rained at all. By 11 in the morn, it had cooled to the point that we sold all nine of the club jackets that we had brought to sell and people were shivering under the shelter of the McDonnell pavilion. By late afternoon, the skies were blue and the heat returned. Oh well, this was only the second time we had a rain out in all of all 26 shows, so I guess we can’t complain too much. As one of our newer members noted, it was a tribute to our club that 109 people showed up in the rain to be at our show.

With an average of 240 entries, having only 109 cars and trucks surely hurts, but the work of our members was outstanding as usual. With the support of Dave Sinclair Ford and all of our other sponsors, we were able to brunt the storm and hope for better weather next year.

There are way too many to people to thank as it takes so many doing so many different things to make things work. Our chairman, Jim Biermann and his car show crew and Mark and Angie Lazzareschi and their concession crew did a great job at
making us look as good as we do. Great job everyone!!!

Fords Unlimited Car Show