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Fords Unlimited Car Show July 29th, 2018

Our 32nd annual car show is upon us. We will have a preshow BBQ on Saturday, July 28th at 5 pm at McDonnell Park. That evening, we will preregister our vehicles, set assignments where possible and just have some fun. Please note that you must be classified by Bill Giese when you pre-register. The same rules hold for members as for participants. The club will supply the burgers, dogs, buns, and chips but you must bring your own drinks. If you would like to bring a side dish or dessert, it would be appreciated. We will have a pre-show pool to guess the exact number of registered vehicles in the show. If no winner, the cash will go to our toy drive. Come join us for this pre-show celebration.

We really need ALL of our members to be in place on Sunday, the 29th. We especially need concession workers. This is a very profitable part of our show and we need all of the help that we can get. Spouses and other teen and adult family members are encouraged and welcomed.

On Sunday, we will need members to arrive at McDonnell Park no later than 7 am. That will give us less than two hours to set up and it will be a very busy time. Some cars arrive early so we must have everything in place as soon as possible. After we have finished classifying, registering and parking the cars, we need our members to help with the concessions, the 50-50 sales and ballot counting. Many hands at ballot counting makes things go faster.

Note that anyone selling 50-50 tickets or counting ticket money will not be allowed to purchase tickets. If you are selling tickets and want to purchase some, please have a friend or relative do that for you. It just looks bad otherwise. Other members not involved with selling tickets may participate. The 50-50 will profit our Toys for Tots fund drive.

We will have a pair of Cardinal tickets in a Cardinal basket to raffle. Members are eligible and the profit will go to The BackStoppers. Members will be eligible for attendance prizes but will not be eligible for the grand attendance prize.

We will again this year have two different ballots. Vehicles that are registered in the Ford/Fairlane classes will receive a ballot for those classes only. The Muscle Mustangs will have a separate ballot for their classes only. This change was made to address the ongoing complaint that there is too much area to cover to vote for all the classes. It seemed to work well last year and we had few complaints.

A special note to those parking cars. It can get very busy at classification and registration and sometimes cars are put into the wrong class. Please check each car as it comes into your area to see if it is properly classified. If you see a mistake, please notify Jim Biermann ASAP. Also, some entries will try to change their window card or registration form so please check into anything that does not look correct. (yes, it happened before).

At the close of the show, all show items need to be packed and taken off and we will need to do a sweep of the grounds to police up all of the trash. This usually does not take long and we should be out of the park by 5 pm or so

. We will be ordering car show T-shirts that will be sold on a first come, first served basis unless you have signed up for one. The member cost will remain at $10, but will be $12 the day of the show. We have some “STAFF” shirts for the classification and car parking workers. These will be loaned out, then collected for reuse next year. With the sponsorship of Dave Sinclair Ford and Bommarito Ford, we will have great attendance prizes for our participants. If you are a new member or one who has not worked our show before, we could sure use your help. If you would like to help, just ask for our show chairman, Jim Biermann, who will find something for you to do.

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