Fords Unlimited Past Events / Wood River Refinery Museum Tour

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The last day of winter brought some cool temps and rain later in the evening but was a great day to tour the Wood River Refinery Museum. It could have been worse as it snowed the following day, the first day of spring.

We were able to step back in time to view almost 100 years at the Shell History Museum in Roxana, Illinois. Featuring over 1,000 artifacts and growing, the museum offers a visual review of the refinery's many changes and significant progress from its groundbreaking in 1917 to the present. Exhibits, photo displays and a special videotape tell the story of how the legacy of Shell's Wood River Refinery unfolded over three-quarters of a century. It is a story of extraordinary achievements and remarkable dedication on the part of thousands of Shell people. Today's Wood River Manufacturing Complex is a premier refinery serving the vast Midwest market.

As always, we found a great place for lunch. We dined at the Highflyers Grill located at the St. Louis Regional Airport. Our caravan leader, Syl Biermann, even managed to avoid any U-turns.

Wood River Refinery Museum Tour