Fords Unlimited Past Events / Gateway Classic Cars Tour 2013

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2013 Gateway Classic TourAlthough we normally do not have many activities in November, this year we added a trip to Fairmount City, Illinois for a tour Gateway Classic Cars, one of our car show sponsors. We had a large turnout for the event and were able to view many fine Fords and even a few Blue Oval powered street rods.

Of course our trips always includes two things, a great meal and a U-turn. We were able to accomplish both on this unusually warm November Saturday. In reality, no one really ever saw our leader, Ken Farrar, make a U-turn when going to the restaurant, it’s just a nasty rumor. We did however have a great lunch at the Granite City Ravanelli’s.

We thank Steve Hendricks for suggesting the late Fall event, Donna Layton for the last minute restaurant reservations, Bart McNail for guiding our crew to Gateway and to Sharron Apollo and Ken Farrar for taking on the thankless job of guiding our geographically challenged members to Ravanelli’s.

2013 Fall Tour photos