Fords Unlimited Past Events / 2017 Wheels in Motion Day

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The Wheels in Motion Day was held on September 10th at Westport Plaza. This annual event is sponsored by several car clubs and all proceeds go to kids with cancer. In one form or another, our club has been involved since its inception over the past two decades. Our club chipped in again this year with a $200 donation. We also supported by our entrees of club cars. The event is not a show with classes but does have a few specialty trophies. The show was down on attendance as was our club but we did enter 20 cars including a new member, Jason Gould. Member Mike Wehner and Linda arrived with their Thunderbird and Fairlane only to have the flex fan on the Fairlane come apart and taking out the radiator in the process. Bummer!! It was a beautiful day but sadly there were other car shows that kept many away from this benefit show. We thank those members who was there to show our club colors.

2017 Wheels in Motion Day photos